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"Phoebe has tons of great ideas when it comes to displaying plants. She has ideas for everything!"

" Phoebe makes it clear how much taking care of her collection means to her just by listening to her speak about them. "

"6 Experts Share Their Holy Grail Tools for City Gardening", featuring the Jungle Home Plant Tarp.

 "LIVE on Instagram
to talk all things plant-related for our latest edition of #PBatHome." 

"Ficus Audrey Care Tips For Beginners: How To Help Yours Thrive & Maintain a Lush Look in Your Space"

"Plant parenthood series:  Phoebe grew up around plants and valued the importance of greenery."

"Which Houseplants Are Best in Bathrooms? - Phoebe Cheong, suggests a three-part plan for bathroom biophilia"

"Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Rare Plants and How to Buy Them"

"4 Plant Trends You'll See in 2022 - Phoebe Cheong predicts 2022 will be a big year for orchids."

"How Phoebe Cheong Taught Her Cat to Respect Her 200 Plants"

"Plant Care Products the
Pros Swear By"

"The best AAPI-owned stores selling plants and plant care products"

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