Phoebe Cheong is a plant enthusiast and published photographer  who transformed her apartment into an exotic escape from the concrete jungle.

Her warmth exudes through @welcometothejunglehome 
where she documents her journey of her ever-growing plant collection with the help of her furry cat sidekicks Pixel, Achilles and Terracotta.

As a community leader, she is actively partnering with local plant businesses such as The Sill and Tula to teach Moss Pole workshops, and hosted live tutorials with Pottery Barn on house plant care, maintenance and best repotting practices. 

Through her photography and story telling, Phoebe has been featured on respected platforms including Apartment Therapy and The Spruce. She hopes to encourage all to brighten and bring inspiration back into their homes - even with the smallest touch of green.


The True Plant Queen

I’m shining a light on my Grandma (婆婆-Po Po) aka the ‘plant queen’! She exudes so much positivity towards nature, and lights up the room when she talks about her plants. 

Po Po has shown me patience with my plants and to never give up on the ones who are struggling. From visiting local nurseries, gardening together, and sharing each other’s photos of our plant babies miles apart, I’m so happy to have someone like her to learn from and share our plant passions together. 

I have learned so much about plants from watching her garden throughout all my life, and have definitely inherited her green thumbs in the family. That is why she is a true inspiration for my plant journey. 

Kings of the Jungle

Achilles (< 1year)

Pixel (6 YRS)

Terracotta (< 1YEAR)

Move Around
The Jungle

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